Entry: Carrie on Good Morning America Friday, August 11, 2006

Carrie in Concert

Watch Carrie rock New York's Bryant Park.

 VIDEO: Don't Forget To Remember Me

 VIDEO: Before He Cheats

 VIDEO: We're Young And Beautiful

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Tonight's Listen n Request party is #38. The theme is (you guessed it) Before He Cheats. Meet in the chat room at 9pm ET/6pm PT. See you there.

Got Carrie Underwood?

August 11, 2006--Carrie Underwood joins the impressive list of celebrities who have been invited to participate in the Milk Mustache campaign with the debut of her ad in today's USA Today--"Country by Carrie, Body By Milk."

The ad says, "Wanna hit a high note? Studies suggest that teens who drink milk tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. Staying active, eating right and drinking three glasses a day of lowfat or fat-free milk helps you look like a star."

Over the past decade, the Milk Mustache campaign has helped curb the country's calcium deficit and educate Americans on the many reasons to drink milk--from reducing the risk of osteoporosis to helping maintain a healthy weight. This month the campaign will be launching a new program, Body By Milk, to educate teens about the benefits of drinking milk from how it can help them keep a healthy weight and how milk helps build more muscle.

The previous list of celebrities who have participated in the Milk Mustache campaigns include Mischa Barton, Freddy Adu, Elizabeth Hurley, Sheryl Crow, Ben Roethlisberger, Joss Stone, Kelly Clarkson, Batman, Donovan McNabb, Dave Mirra, Andy Roddick, Hilary Duff, Bernie Mac, Superman, Gisele Bundchen, Britney Spears, Kim Cattrall, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and many more.

Source: GACTV

Checkout these awesome Carrie pics from this morning's Good
Morning America summer concert at Bryant Park...

Carrie had yet another concert in New York City today: On The Plaza for a
taping of next Wednesday's broadcast of CBS' The Early Show. Yup, you
guessed it, more great pics of Carrie and company...

More pics comin' your way soon!


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