Entry: Weekend Update Saturday, August 12, 2006

Adorable Carrie

My friends, Katie and Jen, took this photo when they met Carrie at CMA Fanfest in
June. When we were all at the Saroyan Theatre in Fresno last Thursday, they gave
me this pic. After I spoke with Carrie and Keith about Before He Cheats, I asked
Carrie if she would do something humorous and write "Keith," "Ann," and "Me" on
this picture. Carrie was such a sweetie and even offered to sign the pic, too. I love
this picture because it's so adorable! An amazing concert and an unbelievable
autograph signing session makes this a night I won't soon forget!
It was Awesome with a capital "A!" 


Here are some outstanding pics of Wednesday's Carrie concert at
Sioux Empire Fair...

Photos: Love-Carrie.com


Some Hearts
Henrie Geyser
Fri, 11 Aug 2006

Carrie Underwood scores 3/5

Carrie Underwood is a delightful newcomer to the world of music and if this, her debut album, is anything to go by, she's destined to become a chart-topper.

She has a bright, clear voice, amazingly mature and well-rounded for her 21 years. Her depth, range and projection are all quite astounding, considering that she doesn't come from a musical family and has had no voice training at all.

She also has a natural ability to bring mood into her tunes, moving with ease from youthful exuberance to stirring blues undertones.

Over and above her singing talent she is also a very pretty blonde which is not doing her image any harm. In fact, she very much looks the part of the good and clean and fresh country life that she projects so well in song.

Such American country music is so popular all over the world it won't be too surprising to see Ms Underwood's name up in neon lights across the globe in the not too distant future.

It's already started. Her debut single, 'Inside Your Heart', sold 170 000 copies within weeks of release and she made Billboard chart history as the first country music artist ever to debut at Number One on the Hot 100 chart.

Her second single released towards the end of last year, 'Jesus Take The Wheel', is one of 14 tracks on this debut album. Don't be put off by the title it's not one of those bible-punching lesson-of-the-day songs, but actually quite appealing, as are nearly all the other songs on offer here.

If you are into country music you will enjoy Carrie Underwood that's a promise.

If nothing else, this album is living proof that some sustainable goodness can flow from ghastly American programmes such as 'Idols'. If she had not been discovered and recorded, the world of good old country would have been much the poorer.

Source: entertainment.iafrica.com

Catch Carrie's "Before He Cheats" featured on The Big Time Saturday Night with Whitney Allen.
BHC is this week's Next Big Thing. You can catch the action
from 7pm-Midnight tonight on a radio station near you. Check listings here.
Also check out Whitney's new BTSN MySpace page here.
And check out the CarrieNEWS.com MySpace page here.

The weekend kicks off with some great pics of Carrie at yesterday's
The Early Show concert taping in New York City.

Photos: Valerie

I'll be loading more of these awesome pics into the gallery asap.

Don't forget to remember to catch Carrie's performance on 
CBS' The Early Show this coming Wednesday at 7am!
Check local CBS affiliate here.


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