Entry: Introducing: Oklahoma Sun - The Video Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Oklahoma Sun" is a lovely song which was written by Cory Thomas to honor the
wonderful inspiration of Carrie Underwood. Cory's perseverance and dedication to
raise funds to record the song resulted in the song you hear today. My friend Katie
Pettit is one of my favorite montage masters. Some of you may know her fantastic
heartfelt Carrie tribute montage called "My Wish." I knew Katie would be the perfect
person to work her magic and to make "Oklahoma Sun" into the beautiful tribute
montage you see playing today on Carrievision (if no longer on CarrieVision, you can play it right here in this post by clicking the arrow on the screen). So, without further ado, CarrieNEWS
is proud to present a brand new Carrie montage, this unique collaborative effort
 highlights the best that Carrieworld offers: "Oklahoma Sun." Enjoy!

- Rich

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Some cool pics from Wednesday's Erie County Fair

Photos: Carrie Underwood Fanspace

REVIEW: Erie County Fair

Underwood lives up to her Idol status with performance at fair
By Benjamin Siegel
News Contributing Reviewer

The showdown that took place last May during the "American Idol" finale was a good one, if you'll remember. A classic rock and roller, the longhaired Mr. Bo Bice, and a classic country girl - that would be the winner, Miss Carrie Underwood - pitted two traditional American standards up against each other.

From the looks of Underwood's triumphant year-old career, and a packed show at America's Fair in Hamburg last night, she's picking from Columns A and B with ease. Not that country is far off from rock, and not that her pop demographic doesn't allow for a little dibble-dabble in each other's pots.

Entertaining a crowd of devout "Idol" voters and their eager-to-be-pleased little ones, Underwood made good on her win as America's fifth Idol. If voters were quick to reward the Oklahoman's genuine vocal chops, she was just as willing to give back to those who put her in her place.

Taking generously from her debut album, last November's "Some Hearts," Underwood kicked things off with the killer "That's Where It Is," a rocking tune with enough kick and sass in its step to show her growth from her viewer-voting days.

Dolly Parton's "Jolene" followed, echoing the legend's vulnerability with grace. She even journeyed into some Guns 'N' Roses, and mostly succeeded.

"I love country, but I love all kinds of music," she said as she introduced an acoustic "Patience." "Sweet Child O' Mine" was nearly fail-safe - if it weren't for that scarf-layered mic stand she ran around with. It was a little too much of a prop.

Though this sing-a-long gave her one of two standing ovations for the night, it was her own music that showcased her best work.

Her third single, "Before He Cheats," was a smooth country rocker and a crowd favorite. "Starts With Goodbye" and "Lessons Learned" soared with the drama of the best country-pop ballads.

Her balladry is noteworthy, if not a little one-trick-pony-ish. Don't get me wrong; it's a pretty nice pony. But it's nothing if not repetitious. But then again, this genre rarely varies from the formula of simple strong structure, woeful lyrics and soaring vocals.

Still, this young performer shows glimmers of a bright future. Maybe it's a sign of the times for the country ballad, traditionally drowning in depression and despair. But there was an abundance of optimism in this girl's message, especially in her hit single, "Jesus, Take the Wheel." Dolly and Loretta never made us feel so renewed.

It's wonderful to see humility and authenticity pour off a stage and directly into the souls of such young fans. I'm not sure if Carrie noticed, but I was surely captivated by one very little girl being escorted to the front row by a fairgrounds usher. She took her white children's camera out, hoisted it to her darling little face, and with the help of the usher, took a snapshot of her idol before running back to her parents. It was in this sweet moment that my usual dismay in Simon Cowell was all but forgiven. He had the right idea all along.

Source: The Buffalo News

I got my Carrie calendar! I got my Carrie calendar!


I've gotta tell you, this calendar is even more beautiful in person. Just like the
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