Entry: We miss you, KZLA! Friday, August 18, 2006

Yesterday, our beloved KZLA (formerly America's Most Listened To Country Station) had its format changed to Rythmic AC by their corporate parent. Apparently, this was as much a shocker to the on-air personalities as it was to us, the devoted listeners. Fortunately, there are a couple of bright spots for those of us who, by virtue of following Carrie's career, now love country music. Most of the syndicated shows are still available, so here are the links to those sites. Click on the logos for station finders to stream on the net. To everyone at KZLA: We love you and we miss you. Thank you for giving us, your faithful listeners and even us country music newbies, so much listening pleasure. We're looking forward to crossing paths again one day soon. Check KZLA.com to keep up to date on streaming and HD options.


Let's also get out there with our country pride by attending the Country Bash concert to show that Southern California loves country!

Also, please sign our petition to Bring Back Country To Your City.

An Open Letter To The KZLA Staff From The Academy Of Country Music

It is a sad day for the Country Music industry when Emmis Broadcasting decides to change formats on what is arguably the most listened to Country Music radio station, KZLA.

As neighbors in Southern California, we know first hand all the hard work KZLA has put in to helping make country music the most successful radio format in America. To our friends at KZLA, most of whom we have worked directly with over the years but especially R.J. Curtis, who has served on the Academy board of directors and currently serves on the radio task force committee; Shawn Parr, the voice of the Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS and emcee of our post-awards All-Star Jam reception; and Peter Tilden, who was the host of many of our behind-the-scenes web interviews, we thank you for all your efforts in the past and look forward to your continuing success in the future. We know how successful Country Music continues to be in Southern California with KFRG in Riverside, KHAY in Oxnard/Ventura and KSON and KUSS in San Diego counties, and pledge to continue to support and bring awareness of country radio and our artists to the Los Angeles market in the wake of this loss.

Source: All About Country

Listen n Request party #39 is tonight and it's a big night to request Before He Cheats. Details can be found at Team CMU here.

By Ken Barnes, USA Today...

> Some Hearts, Carrie Underwood: This Diane Warren song, previously recorded by Marshall Crenshaw, is probably the least country-sounding thing on the American Idol winner's debut. But, despite Underwood's two huge singles, it's the song with the hooks I can't get enough of. Album: Some Hearts.



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