Entry: This Weekend in Carrieworld Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here are pics and some commentary from our Carrie-palooza 3-
concert road trip from earlier this month.

Excerpt from my review of Carrie-palooza road trip: Day Two...

Our first mission was to find the KJUG radio booth near Jimmy's Watering Hole.
They were giving away tickets and meet and greet passes.  A KJUG temp
tattoo on the cheek made for 2 entries for the contest and I couldn't resist. I
also wanted to make it a point to say hi to DJ Pepper Daniels because he gave
me such wonderful info to share with everyone about the contest. Everyone
was very nice. 

Then, lo and behold, some of Carrie's band walks by. We were able to say
hello, take some cool pics with everyone and I got to meet Ed for the first
time. He is one cool dude!

Ashley Clark, Mark Childers, cu1fan, Rich (me), Ed Eason, Amy (Queen of Carrie merchandise).

I told Ed how I love all of Carrie's music, but how Sweet Child O' Mine always is
a crowd pleaser and really just blows people's minds. He agreed and said he
likes the reviews they get. Who knows, maybe he'll read this review. Well, that
would be fun if he did. "Hi, Ed!" lol.

Ashley, Mark C., Me, Ed, Amy, and Sharkbait.

Cherie Bebout (Carrie's backup singer) and some guy named Rich (inexplicably doing an impression of Quasimodo).

We went to get our goodies from the car and rushed back to make sure we
didn't miss the ticket giveaway. Winning was not in the cards today, but it
sure was fun to play along. Time seemed to have slipped away as it was now
getting closer to showtime. We made our way into the grandstand area and
the place was huge! We passed out some glow sticks and I went up to the
front of the venue to hand out the "Carrie, We Love You" hand fans we had
assembled the night before. Opening the night's musical event was Phil Vassar.

Let me tell you, this guy is goooood! So much personality and he just connects
with the audience. I was very impressed. Since I'm writing this almost 4 weeks
after the fact, I won't even attempt to remember what songs he performed,
but it was very enjoyable.

He brought some girls on stage and they finished the set with him at the piano. I'm sure
sharkie would've liked to be up there, too. She met Phil a few months ago, so she was
well aware of his skills. And then…the moment we had all waited so patiently for…

Well, not just yet. Hold your horses! There was a break while everyone set up for Carrie.
I meandered around looking for trouble. Um, I mean saying hello to people. About 30
minutes later and (yes, now you can cheer!) Miss Carrie Marie Underwood entered the
picture with those familiar drum beats of We're Young And Beautiful.

I've gotta tell you, the excitement was overflowing as Carrie seemed to be even more of an
entertainer to go along with her now world-famous vocals. Carrie brought the house down with
Sweet Child O' Mine. We held up some signs we had made, about a dozen or so.

Praise for Carrie, for the band, for, well, just about everyone. Jesus, Take The Wheel is a huge
crowd pleaser as we all waved our glow sticks for Carrie and the band.

One thing that stands out in my mind is how appreciative Carrie was of her fans, as she thanked
everyone repeatedly for putting her where she is. You could tell how much these sentiments
were heartfelt from Carrie. After the encore of I Ain't In Checotah Anymore, we were
left wanting more. But, no problem! There were two more Carrie concerts coming up!

A security guard confirmed that Carrie would be signing at the merchandise booth. So, we made
our way to the line and there must've been only about 50 people in front of us. It seemed like
we were closer to the front than when we were in San Diego. But, who really knows. I was in a
semi-euphoric state (yes, y'all know how excited I get when it seems like we're gonna meet Carrie). 
And then, the moment we've all been waiting for, yes, THAT MOMENT! I walked up to what I'll call
the "on-deck circle" and asked Keith if he wanted to take the now-infamous bag of goodies for Carrie.
He said I should just give it to her myself. No problem! So, up I strolled (or something
approximating a stroll) and handed the bag in Carrie's direction. I say "in Carrie's direction"
because, as is typical with my overtaxed brain cells, when I'm in Carrie's presence, everything
above the neck seems to shut down. Well, fortunately not everything.

Carrie with that guy named Rich who keeps getting in these pictures.

I told Carrie that CarrieNEWS had held a contest and quite a few members wrote some essays
about how her music gives everyone so much happiness. I also mentioned that the book of
essays may be something her and her mom may enjoy reading together. Again, I don't
recall her exact response because, as I mentioned, all of my brain cells are focused on
outbound verbiage and nothing is left for retaining any input. There was heart and lung activity
(at least I'm assuming), but I can't tell you what she said. She seemed to be pleased,
let's put it that way.

Carrie and Sharkbait.

After I scampered away, in the most dignified of ways, I began to regain my presence of mind
enough to be able to discreetly celebrate another wonderful Carrie encounter. I was so happy
to be able to finally give Carrie the essay book that so many of you contributed to. There
were also pictures of our contest winners. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed
your essays to this project. I'm sure Carrie and her family will love them! Could I feel any more
spoiled with 2 more nights of Carrie awaiting? What will happen next? Well, we'll have to wait
and see. To be continued….

Read my full review at CarrieFORUMS.

Pics from Thursday's Carrie concert in Cleveland...

Photos: Rockmysox124

Click: Backstage pics from WQMX

Pics from July's Carrie concert in Great Falls, Montana...

(l -r) Matt Desch (Bear Promotions Manager), Carrie Underwood,
Holly Desch and their son Ethan.

Photos: 106.3 The Bear

Thank you to Matt Desch and family and everyone at
KDBR Kalispell, Montana, for the great pictures.

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July 16, 2016   02:13 AM PDT
I think, everyone was nice. Also, your voice very beautiful. Your songs really blows my mind, especially when your band are explode on stage. Thanks for sharing this report from the scene.

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